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Jun24 update from Sticks and Stones Productions on Vimeo.

Somewhere in Ontario, it’s September and you’re sitting in your house wondering why the dog hasn’t come out of the basement in four days. Heat warnings have been posted for Toronto for the past four days and you might be wondering why you didn’t buy that air conditioner.

Well, somewhere else in Ontario, Eagle Lake to be precise, Lou and Marianne Fenninger have no heat, no cooling, no electricity moving air in their brand new home… and the weather is fine.

“The temp(erature) inside has stayed at 20 for the last 3.5 months without any help from heating or cooling,” says Fenninger, and that’s not a miracle and it’s not a result of any divine intervention.

It’s that way by design. Lou is out to prove that an idea he had a long, long time ago is indeed feasible and progressive. We need to lay off the fossil fuels and Lou is incorporating many of the cutting edge (and historically tested) designs in staying true to that vision.

The vision? That a house can run self-sufficiently even here in Canada, where most people are so reliant on the dictates of fossil fuels in the winter that some families need to decide what comes first: heat or food.

This latest video shows Lou in his favorite place, walking a videographer through his house.

And yes the house is big. But Lou has always maintained that these houses – Net-Zero-Projects – can be run at scales to fit any size family or situation.

Take a look at this video. It may change your mind about what is, and is not, possible!

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