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Updated on Saturday, April 5, 2013. is in  the process of building a show home which will double as Lou and Marianne Fenninger’s primary residence.

Our plan is to document every step of the process via this website, utilizing youtube and stationary images along with audio and visual blog posts. Our sawmill arrived on Wednesday April 3 and we have been busy ever since cutting  timbers on site. See our blog post and pictures by clicking here!

Hope you’ll join us. by bookmarking these pages and subscribing to our rss feed.

The photo below shows Lance and Erik working hard at the mill.


The timber was cropped locally from a lot located about 15 kilometers from our project site here at Eagle Lake.

Some of you may be aware that the Haliburton Highlands was an integral lumbering site in Ontario and that most of its early growth and development hinged upon the burgeoning lumber industry.

Many residents still make their living within a sustainable and thriving timber industry.

When possible, we seek to gather materials for sustainable building design from local sources.

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