Sawmill is state of the art!

 We have worked out all the design details with the Erik Michele and the Engineer.

I feel very fortunate to have found Rob , Michele and Erik  ( Engineer,draftsperson and timber framer ).

It’s so great to have them on my net zero team.

Each one brings great expertise to the party.

We will be ready to get our building permit next week.

The larger, more automated saw mill will arrive next week and we can start sawing the timbers.

This will be very specialized as the timbers will be like nothing I have ever seen before. I still need to find and harvest a few more maple columns.

I cleared the area where the mill will be setup today and went hunting for some column pieces. It’s going to be great to start shaping the columns and the big timbers.

Can’t wait.

During my quest to find the perfect tool to help with the debarking process I met a friend of Erik’s.

Andy is an expert in wood cleaning and finishing. It was great to go over his thoughts and experience on the process.

Thanks Andy… so good to meet you today as well.

Signing of for now.

All the best…