Living off the grid is not only possible. It’s happening. Now! We are living in our beautiful ‘Tree House’ here in Eagle Lake, Ontario. Net Zero Build and Design is all about preserving Mother Earth one building at a time. Follow our dream.

Our Tree House

Eagle Lake

The first Net Zero Build, and home of Lou and Marianne Fenninger. It’s called the “Tree House.”


The location of our second build started in Spring of 2019.

Lou Fenninger

Lou is the impetus behind Net Zero Build and is following his dream just a stone’s throw away from Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike.

One Done and Another Begun!

Net Zero Build, project one, is finished and Lou and Marianne Fenninger both avid skiers, coaches and mentors, are thriving in its welcoming confines. It’s located, of course, adjacent to their home ski hill, Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike in Eagle Lake, Ontario.

Lou’s plan was to document every step of the process, utilizing video stationary images and the written word in the blog.

From peeling the big timbers and installing the huge glass passive solar wall, we documented every step.

Project Two in Bracebridge has begun! We are excited, as we always are at the beginning of a new build. 

The land is being cleared and we now have a blueprint to follow. Please follow us here at the Design Blog and Vlog as we document the steps to the evolution of revolution.

Sustainability of the living planet is our goal.



Happiness Quotient


Sustainable Development

Our Projects

Eagle Lake

The first build, fondly referred to as Tree House, is located in Eagle Lake, Ontario. It’s now the home of Lou and Marianne Fenninger and that house is the culmination of a dream. It’s off the grid and located a stone’s throw from Sir Sam’s Ski and Bike. 

Net Zero Bracebridge

The second build is located in Bracebridge, Ontario, a hamlet located in the heart of Ontario’s cottage country. Like the first build, it is undertaken as part of Lou’s commitment to the environment and sustainable growth.

Lou Fenninger has a dream

Our mission statement is short and to the point. Essentially we want to introduce our readers to the future!

  • To accelerate the market development of affordable net-zero energy homes.
  • To facilitate the growth of net zero designed buildings.
  • Staying true to our core values we hope to connect with partners and stakeholders to further the construction of net zero buildings and designs.


This project will be part of a larger engagement with the process and design of future projects.

If you have thought about your own net zero dream home?

Please bookmark this project and follow us.

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